Avanà Grappa

“L’Infern” , “L Paradis”: Grappe 2016

In Italy, drink a “ grappa” after dinner is a tradition ! CASA RONSIL grappa is made by distilling avanà ( autochtonous grape variety from Valsusa valley ) pomace.Pomace is the residue remaining from grapes that have been processed for winemaking.It was wonderful to see the processing to made the famous “ grappa” because it looks like a travel in the time !
Single variety: 100% vine variety : Avanà
Acohol Level: 42%Vol
Perfect Chord: grappa is primarily served as a “digestivo” or after-dinner drink and you can put it in your expresso coffee.
Serving Temp.: Ambient temperature or very cold like Vodka.
Number of  bottle produced: 120   ADD TO CART
 avanà's grappa of casa ronsil wine