Casa Ronsil History

The CASA RONSIL house has been propriety of the RONSIL familly since 1250, it was probably born like a Sant’ Egido of the Malte Order hospital , it was known as an historical monument for this graphics and the sacral text that was painted on one of the walls in 1555 and this graphics will became the emblem of the label. Now these old walls shelter our rare little production.
Viticulture is an ancestral tradition for the RONSIL familly , this is confirmed by a document from 1346 in which a certain Petrus RONCILLI ( latin version of the name) elaborates on his wines. Camillo RONSIL was the last man who worked in the vineyards up to 1975. In 2002 Pierino RONSIL the son of Camillo together with his son-in-law Franck THOLLET decided to reconnect with the traditions. Our intention was to save this unique territory and to work the land in the traditional way respecting both the nature and ancestral methods.