Red Wine Valsusa DOC 2022

“Fortunato” is making with the grapes wich are picked-up on his own vineyard!
The ancestors say that was fortuned who have a vineyards in the birthplace of the “ Roche du Bau” and you would be lucky to drink one of the 600 annual bottles of this amazing wine . A strong complex wine born in the mountain close to the sun at 1100 meters with an ink color with a lot of tannin to be drunk with special meats cooked.
(oak barrique 12 months)
GrapeVarietyAutochthonous: 60%Avanà, 40%Becuet.
Vineyard: ”La Roche du Bau” is 101 years old!
Acohol Level: 15 %Vol
PerfectChord: Red meat(wild boar..)Aged Cheese
Serving Temp.: 16-18°C(61-64°F)decant for 1-3 hours
Glasses: big(xxl)for”Bordeaux”  
Number of  bottle produced: 532  
Price : 13,95 €