Red Wine DOC “Valsusa Avanà 2023”

Mitical is the production of wine in Chiomonte – the hot mount was the first supplier of the Roman Empire .
Mitical is the autoctonous grappe variety : Avanà wich origin is unknowed but it didn’t exist anywhere in an other place in the world !
In the vineyard “ La Bueissuno “ who have been planted near 18 years ago the mitical variety and CASA RONSIL make an A.O.C wine in this place who naturelly named Mitical ! “ MITICO “
Grape Variety Autochthonous: Avanà
Alcohol level: 12 % Vol
Perfect chord: Salade Vegetable , white meat, Cheese.
Serving Temp.: 12-15°C (54-59°F)
Glasses: Conical Glass    
Number of  bottle produced: 998  
Price : 9,95 €