White Ice wine “Ice One” of Susa Valley

Dessert Wine “Ice One”

In 2006, CASA RONSIL decided to join the project to create the first ice wine ; an exeptionnal winter harvest in the highest vineyards of Europe ! The experiment was supported by the CMAVS ( High SUSA valley mountain community) and the municipality of Chiomonte.The typical ingenious grapes varieties all of them to combine to be able to make the first production of Ice wine  is obtain with red grapes ( usually ice wines where making with white variety ) In 2019 CASA RONSIL decide to create a special ice wine with princely the autoctonous white grape variety ” Baratuciat ” is the first white ice wine of Susa valley in Chiomonte.


Autoctonous grape variety: Baratuciat , Gros Blanc …
Acohol Level: 15 %Vol
Perfect Chord: so amazing that it’s good with everything !
Serving Temp.: 8°C (46°F)
Glass: Little and for liquory crystal glasses.
Number of  bottle produced: under 500  
Price : 29,90 €