Italian Ice Wine

In 2006 when Torino join the winter Olympic games , CASA RONSIL decided to join the project to create the first Italian ice wine from Susa Valley near from the beautiful city of Torino .  This particular niche Ice wine ( 300 bottles / year ) will be product in the highest  European vineyards  !

At the begining of the project the experiment was supported by the CMAVS ( High SUSA valley mountain community ) and by the municipality of Chiomonte – Susa Valley – Piedmont – ITALY.

The mix of typical and antical autoctonous grapes varieties : Avanà , Becuet , Chatus are able to make the first ICE WINE production  with red grapes ( in the rest of the world ice wines are making with white grape varieties ) .

The name of this amazing Ice Wine is “ICE ONE ” with the tipical recognaisable label with a deer . Join and support us on Facebook and instagram CASA RONSIL wine or CASA RONSIL vino del ghiaccio !